Water leaks

Resealing & Caulking services.

Resealing services.

Whether it’s your windows, flooring, brickwork or your balconies, you want to make sure they are completely sealed off and protected from any further damage in the future. Caulking protects the integrity and physical structure of your property and must be kept in pristine condition if you want to avoid water leaking issues.

With the wide range of surfaces in your home in need of resealing it can be overwhelming to know where to even start. 

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Caulking & Resealing around the home.

No home owner wants their place of business to start falling apart and why should you be any different. SD Property Services will fix and prevent any cracks and leaks occurring in places like your windows, ceilings and bathrooms, which will ensure rot and mould don’t come through.. Not only that, the sleek finish our caulking provides adds to the overall aesthetic of your property. 

SD Property Services will make leaky ceilings, drafty windows, and cracked floorboards a thing of the past – No obligation, free quotes.

When should i reseal my property?

Without extensive experience in caulking yourself, it can be difficult to work out when it is due for a replacement. When you book the job with us, we will set up a time for review and after a first inspection, advise you on what must be replaced now.

Generally speaking, caulking should be replaced if you experience any of the following:

  • For example, if the seal on a window has cracked or diminished over time you will need to look into replacing it.
  • Loose panes. If your window panes are able to be moved that’s a sign of a poor caulking installation or that the caulking’s use has expired and has a warped shape.
  • Loose caulking. If you find bits of caulking under windows or in bathrooms, that’s a sign that the caulking is too old and needs replacing. Even if you cannot see where the pieces have come from, the integrity of the structure will be weakened and caulking needs to be removed and reapplied.
  • Damaged frames. If you find a window frame has become warped or damage by water, this is usually because the caulking has failed to stop the water seeping into the wood.

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Are you ready to prevent those pesty water leaks?

Having water leaks in the home is a serious health hazard for you and your family.

Moisture in the home can lead to all sorts of problems down the track. So if your thinking when is the right time to fix these water leaks, then call us today to schedule a quote.

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