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SD Property Services has built a strong reputation within the Mangawhai community as a trustworthy, friendly and quality when it comes to house painting. We have over 20 years experience in brightening up local residents houses with interior painting, exterior and roof painting services.


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A little about mangawhai!

Mangawhai is a small town of Northland situated between the pacific coast and the acreages of rural farmland. Spoilt for choice when it comes to the sea – a surf beach known as  main beach is located on one side of the town where on the other you have your safe and friendly harbour beaches.

Mangawhai is located roughly 1h20mins north of Auckland and 2 hours below the bay of islands. It has become a wonderland for its residents, boasting a small population of about 2500 people. This little settlement is known as either Mangawhai or Mangawhai heads and has everything a small town could offer ranging from surf, sand and sea to food, coffee, art and culture. 

Key considerations when painting your property in managwhai.

Although Mangawhai may have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Northland region, there is some important factors that come into play which comes hand in hand with the coastal living lifestyle.

The high salt deposits from the sea doesn’t have to come into direct contact with your home to affect its exterior paint job. Unfortunately, not all properties and paint jobs can withstand the elements when living close to the sea. Salt is unfortunately always going to be in the atmosphere which can cause all sorts of issues for your residential or commercial property. 

An exterior coat of paint is essentially your coat of protection from the elements, just like a pair of shoes will protect your feet from a course road. However, just like those favorite pair of shoes don’t last forever – neither does the protection of your paint job. Its important to have your exterior house painted every 5 – 10 years when living next to the coast. Depending on the substrate of your property, the likes of steel cladding or posts will eventually absorb moisture if left untreated for extended period’s.

magical things to do in mangawhai.

The town known as “Magical Mangawhai” boasts a balance of sea side lifestyle to a vibrant community village. Unwind with a family day at the beach where you can find waves for the more experienced surfer’s or if your looking for a family friendly alternative, head to the estuary harbour to enjoy the sand dunes and a day of fishing or sting ray sight seeing. 

Bennetts Chocolates which is located within close proximity of the hub is a must for a visitation. The factory has every shape and flavor one may desire. Or if you are after something a little more vibrant then we suggest heading over the famous Mangawhai Tavern which is home to alot of famous kiwi artists. Here you can enjoy a wine or a glass of beer listening to the tunes of the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop, Tiki Tane along with many talented local acts. 

We are only beggining to scratch the surface of things to do in this sought after town, for a more comprehensive guide of things to do in Mangawhai then we suggest reading the article below.

10 things to do in magical mangawhai.

Why choose SD as your house painter in mangawhai?

We are a small locally owned and operated business whom support our community and other small businesses alike.

Because we are local residents of Mangawhai, we can offer competitive pricing as opposed to some of the city based companies which would charge a premium for making the travel to and from the job. We can also supply free no obligation quotes within a week of receiving the request. 

So if you’re looking for a team of professional, experienced, local house painters in Mangahwhai or Mangawhai heads then look no further than SD Property Services. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Contact us today to get started.

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what other property maintenance services do we provide to mangawhai?

Another great reason for choosing SD Property Services as your Mangawhai house painters. We can offer a wide range of property services which eliminates the need for multiple contractors, quotes and headaches.

Besides our interior and exterior painting services, we also can provide roof painting.

No matter the job, big or small – get in touch with us today for all your house painting needs.

SD Property Services have you covered when it comes to finding a local contractor to tackle all those pesty jobs in Mangawhai.

We offer roof cleaning and gutter cleaning services across all of the Kaipara district. Or if you are looking for someone to clean the exterior of your home, then check out our house washing services for mangawhai & surrounding suburbs.

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