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The main role of gutters and downpipes is indeed protection from water damage.

However, in doing so, these two elements also play a secondary role in many other aspects. By preventing external water damage, gutters and downpipes prevent further damage to ceilings and walls in the interior of your home, which then goes on to ensure that there is no furniture, fittings or structural damage. All in all, this really helps with protecting your home or office space and saving you dollars for the years to come.

Neglected damaged gutters can go on to cause a lot of problems down the line. Being a part of the roof, gutters and downpipes are exposed to a variety of harsh elements that contribute to their damage. And this damage will only worsen with time if left neglected!

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not find themselves being aware of gutter damage. Which is why we, the experts at SD Property Services are here to help you.


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How do i know if i need my gutters repaired?

One way to ensure minimal damage is to undertake regular roof checks. This will help nip the problem in the bud and save you a whole lot of hassle. Not all gutter repair work would require replacement. Gutter repair can also take place in the form of gutter cleaning. However, this really depends on the extent of damage.

Gutter replacement is often needed if the issue on hand is less to do with debris and dirt and more to do with lack of proper water flow, rust, water puddles and seepage, weak gutter structures or internal flooding.

Don't wait to have your gutter repaired.

If you notice signs of damage on your roof, contact us immediately and leave the rest to us. Our team has years of experience dealing with roof gutter and downpipe repairs across Mangawhai, Kaipara district right through to North Shore, Auckland. We will conduct an extensive inspection of your property and advise you on the next steps forward. Our customers are our priority. Contact us today for roof gutter repair quotation. We also offer gutter cleaning services, exterior and interior painting and more.

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