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We are your local handyman for all your home repairs & maintenance.

When your on the hunt trying to find a local handyman, its best to find one who has a wide range of services.

Accidents around the home are common, and unfrotuantly the walls in our home can take a few bumps and nicks over the years. So when it comes the time to repair the damage, we suggest using a handyman who can not only provide plaster repairs for your home but also offer other services such a painting.

When your on the hunt trying to find a local handyman, its best to find one who has a wide range of services.

At SD Property Services, we provide a wide range of repairs and maintenance to suit any home or business – making us your one stop shop when your trying to find a local handyman to suit all your needs.

From home roof repairs, to gutter repair and maintenance – we can tackle any job no matter the size around your home


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plaster home repair & more Handyman property Services

No one wants to lay in bed on a rainy night to only discover the plaster on the ceiling is beginning to cave in.

As unfortunate as it sounds, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to assist you in all aspects of home repairs, including the plaster.

Not only that, but we can also get to the source of the problem. Because fixing the damage without finding the cause will only have you kicking the wall. 

Thats why when your looking to engage in handyman services, you can rest a little easier knowing you are in capable hands with SD Property Services.

Handyman Services From Mangawhai To North Shore, Auckland.

Lets face it, things break all the time.

And although most cosmetic items around the home can be resolved with a couple dollars and a screw driver in the shed, there comes a time when you need to hire the likes of a general handyman to do the job right the first time.

SD Property Services have you covered, with 20 years experience in home repairs, maintenance and property services.

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Home roof repair & all handyman property services

So we have patched up that wall with some fresh plaster, but how did that hole get there in the first place? When you engage in a local handyman, its important to know that they are experienced in not only fixing the problem, but solving the issue.

Home roof repairs is also one of the many services we can provide to you when you choose our handyman services.

We are fully insured, 20 years experience and have every tool for every job.
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