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Roof Wash & Cleaning services across Mangawhai.

Are you looking how to clean roof stains at your Mangawhai property?

We all love to sleep with a warm roof over our heads at night. But when was the last time you popped your head up there and had a look at the condition its in? 

Roof washing is a necessary part of home maintenance which often goes over looked by many home owners. 

If you have had your roof recently replaced or perhaps you are in a new build, you are probably under the impression that you are covered in the instance of anything happening to your roof.

But did you know that many builders and roofers will state a clause in their roof warrantees stating that if you do not regularly maintain and engage in roof cleaning, then your warranty may actually be voided.



Roof cleaning is not a task suited for your average DIY handyman.

Infact, it can be quite a dangerous job and is best left upto the profesionals. 

Each rooftop has its only variables and challenges which requires someone with extensive knowledge to assess the dangers and hazards involved. That is why we suggest you shop around for someone you can trust when it comes to getting a contractor to undergo a roof wash.

More importantly than a competitive quote, you want to make sure the company you engage in has been trained in working at heights and isn’t going to damage your roof top.

SD Property Services has 20 years experience in the height industry and are fully insured – Protecting your assets from damage.


Roof moss treatment adds longevity to your roof.

Roofs are a serious slip hazard, which is why cleaning lichen off roof tiles is a necessary part of property maintenance.  

That is why roof moss treatment has become an ever involving part of roof cleaning.

Some roof tops such as slates, or terracotta tiles can pose too dangerous for any person to walk on.

This is why we suggest engaging in a professional roof cleaning company who can properly treat the likes of lichen off roof tiles and know how to clean those stubborn roof stains.

No matter what type of roof you have, we have the know how expertise to assist in brightening up that rooftop.


SD Property Services offer safe & competitive roof washing across Mangawhai.

No two roofs are the same, so depending on the type of roof you have will depend on the methodology we use.

Cedar roof cleaning is one of the more difficult types of subtrates to clean due to the rooftop often being non trafficable which basically means, do not walk on it!

Yep, sounds tricky (and dangerous) So what’s the best approach when trying to figure out how to clean a cedar roof? Don’t risk it.

We offer professional roof cleaning services from Managwhai to North shore – We know how to clean concrete roof tiles, so you don’t need too.

SD Property Services are fully insured and fully qualified to tackle any roof cleaning job. We have 20 years experience in roof washes and offer free no obligation quotes.

Give us a call today.

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